Rita Greenberg Scholarship Fund

At Chabad of the Shore, our priority is to assure that every Jewish child receives a Jewish education and a Jewish experience that is positive, cheerful and enjoyable.

Our tuition is affordable. Yet, we understand that some families have financial difficulties. As such, thanks to the generosity of Alan and Halana Greenberg, the Rita Greenberg Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 to commemorate 20 years since her passing.

Rita Greenberg a”h was a wife, mother and grandmother who was devoted to her family. Born in Europe, she arrived in the U.S.A in 1939. as a child refugee from the War against the Jews. Raised in an observant home but without the benefit of a formal religious education , Rita still lived her life in accordance with Jewish law and traditions. She made certain that her children had a Jewish day school education despite the financial sacrifice it required. This scholarship fund honors the memory of a brave and courageous woman who treasured children and believed in the importance of transmitting Jewish values to them.

The Rita Greenberg Scholarship Fund provides limited financial assistance, specifically for single parent families and situations where both parents are currently without employment.

All Hebrew School applications must be submitted prior to the financial aid application.

Chabad of the Shore asks that recipients of a scholarship volunteer to assist the school in other ways. There are areas of professional and volunteer services that parents can be involved in that will help the school. You will be asked to supply us with that information on the Scholarship Application.

Please contact us to receive an application.